Classy contract furniture

"Design is art that makes itself useful." This is why our products are not only infused with timeless elegance, but also offer ingenious functionality for virtually every interior. Listening to people, understanding their situation, and keeping the big picture in mind - this customer first attitude comes natural to us, as numerous patents and international design awards attest. In addition, BRAUN does not just produce to catalogue specifications but allows freedom for customised requests. BRAUN follows the guiding principle of “interior furniture customised for you”.

BRAUN Lockenhaus - The Bentwood Specialist

The Braun brand represents far more than a traditional chair manufacturer. Since the founding of the “Chair and Wooden Article Factory” in 1921, the core areas of expertise have been subject to continuous refinement at BRAUN Lockenhaus. The commercial and designer furniture manufacturer BRAUN, based in the Burgenland, is proud of its gradual establishment on the market as one of the leaders of customised interior design at its production site in Lockenhaus, Austria.

BRAUN Lockenhaus offers a modern combination of traditional craftsmanship with high-tech, precisely, personally and to customer specifications. In addition to the furniture range, the company is also dedicated to customised interior work. Precise carpentry guarantees the vision of quality and aesthetics.

When manufacturing furniture, wood bending with the help of steam is a craft requiring great experience and flair. High quality and diversity of design underlie the legendary reputation of this craft. Only premium grade wood can be processed into designer objects. Bentwood furniture captivates above all with its high durability and robustness – and not without reason is embodied in design classics. Only a few companies are today masters of this traditional craft, amongst them BRAUN Lockenhaus, which with its exclusive bentwood furniture produces the classics of tomorrow.

The product range is widely diversified. The logic behind the design of the logochair line, for example, is as innovative as it is intuitive. It provides the underpinning for a purist look, a solid feel, an ergonomic fit, and practical functionality. This brand of sophisticated design can even benefit the care industry – witness the sir armchair and the time easy chair, a haven of rest and relaxation. Fitted into the back of a chair, the patented itech system enables all rows and seats to be numbered in a matter of seconds. Sponsor logos may be presented in its display to recoup the investment. With an added LED light, it can even take the place of stair step lights.