BRAUN Lockenhaus

a bentwood specialist with tradition and an innovative vision

Tradition coupled with a great vision: the commercial and designer furniture manufacturer BRAUN Lockenhaus, located in the Burgenland, is celebrating 90 years of existence. - "There have been many changes in the 90 years since our company was founded, but one things has remained constant: we are a furniture manufacturer from the heart, we live for our customers and are always reinventing ourselves!" The strategic expansion of the product range achieved as a result of BRAUN assuming responsibility for Austrian sales of the innovative metal furniture brand rosconi points the way to BRAUN becoming a full-service provider for the widest range of interiors.

With an annual production today of some 60,000 chairs and 8,000 tables, the traditional company founded by the distinguished industrialist Johann Braun at the foot of Lockenhaus Castle in the Austrian Burgenland in 1921 is one of the most important commercial furniture manufacturers in Austria. Where it was first primarily school furniture and "various wooden articles such as winnowing machines, garden furniture, equipment for home and kitchen", from 1975 BRAUN began to specialise in the production of seating furniture and tables made of solid wood, bentwood, wood laminates and steel tubing.

Since 2005, BRAUN Lockenhaus has been part of the German Hiller Group, now SCHNEEWEISS AG, which in turn is one of Europe's market leaders in the manufacture of tables and seating furniture made from wood, steel tubing, stainless steel and plastic and grants the Austrian subsidiary considerable freedom in research and development and thus also in marketing.

Quality "made in Austria" is a key distinguishing characteristic of BRAUN Lockenhaus. BRAUN Lockenhaus is one of only a handful of companies in Austria specialising in large-scale wood bending (bentwood). Its export rate is 20 % to 25 %. The product range primarily focuses on furnishings in seminar areas (conferencing), schools, homes, hospitals, meeting places, trade fairs, churches and social institutions.

Boosting the company's market position and contributing to the positive development of BRAUN Lockenhaus are prestigious customers such as Casinos Austria, the UN (Austria Center Vienna), AUA and Caritas Austria as well as famous projects in Viennese gastronomy such as Lugeck, Motto am Fluss or Don Café.

The brand rosconi is also available from BRAUN Lockenhaus. BRAUN Lockenhaus has assumed responsibility for Austrian sales of the traditional brand. One product line of the company which specialises in stainless steel processing is "crew" - a modular system of receptacles and functional elements for cleanliness, guidance and service both indoors and outdoors. Four products from this range are already winners of the coveted "red dot design award" in the category "product design 2010".

The inclusion of such a renowned traditional brand in the product range represents both an enormous innovation boost and a strategic expansion of the portfolio for BRAUN Lockenhaus. With its reputation as a trendsetter and a creative powerhouse, rosconi offers the ideal requirements for a successful partnership with BRAUN.