ashtray-litter combination - crew 28

The crew ashtray-litter combination crew 28 can be equipped with diverse functions. The receptacles feature a wire-frame insert / rubbish bag holding ring. Depending on the type of ashtray and litter bin, they can be fitted with a large opening and ashtray above with spherical segment. The stainless steel receptacles can optionally also be supplied with wall mounting, prepared for floor mounting or with coloured powder-coated body. A base plate at the bottom and a dummy joint between the body and the attachment ring provide floating lightness and help during thorough cleaning. The products can optionally be prepared for floor mounting.

Product series

crew 28


ashtray-litter combination - crew 28
  • Simple emptying is possible by removing the ashtray attachment

  • The easy-care stainless steel surface is simple to clean

  • The material, the standardised, seamless grinding pattern, the high wall thickness and premium workmanship of all receptacles and containers guarantee durability and stability

  • The ashtrays and receptacles feature a large internal volume

  • Rounded edges increase safety

  • Cigarette butts can be stubbed out on either the edge of the ashtray or the stainless steel spherical segment, then fall through the round hole into the ashtray insert or can be disposed off by lifting the sieve insert pressed into the sand filling

  • The stable, easy-to-install, tilting wall bracket with theftproof locking device prevents unauthorised removal of the receptacle

  • The wire-frame insert and inner liner act as a rubbish bag holder and enable easy emptying

  • Thanks to their base plate, the receptacles have no direct contact with the ground. During wet cleaning, the floor is protected as no water stains are produced


"F" variants

available in RAL colors

crew 28

w/ lateral insertion and ashtray attachment

crew 28 F

w/ lateral insertion and ashtray attachment



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