partition system - Lume

The Lume partition system, with vertical tubes in stainless steel and partition panels in toughened glass, presents a high-quality appearance. The vertical tubes are available in 2 heights with round base, point base or floor attachment. In addition, 2 heights of the partition panels in vitreous, etching tone and square decoration design are available, attached to the vertical tube with glass holders (in fixed or mobile design). The vertical tubes can be selected as outer or inner tubes with or without hinges. The Lume partition system is particularly used in waiting areas, consultation and discretion areas, as it ensures safety and light transparency. Lume is also suitable for care areas in which high hygienic requirements must be met.

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partition system - Lume
  • The use of hinged vertical tubes and the various sizes enable the flexible fitting out of discretion areas

  • Hinged vertical tubes enable continuous angle adjustment with high simultaneous stability

  • The base ø 350 mm in steel with stainless steel cover ensures stability and protection from tipping over

  • Flat round base reduces risk of tripping

  • Just one tool is required for set-up and rearrangement, which requires little time

  • VVarious panel decorations offer design flexibility, the partition can therefore fit into the widest range of room designs

  • Easy-care and hygienic surfaces mean the partition can also be used in healthcare settings


partition panel etching tone allover print

97 SWP 301 (h: 1309 mm) | 97 SWP 401 (h: 1471 mm)

partition panel square decor

97 SWP 303 (h: 1309 mm) | 97 SWP 403 (h: 1471 mm)

partition panel crystal clear

97 SWP 304 (h: 1309 mm) | 97 SWP 404 (h: 1471 mm)

base variant round base FUS 401

Ø 180 mm | stainless steel column

base variant point base FUS 402

stainless steel column

base variant round base FUS 404

Ø 350 mm | stainless steel column

column variant outer column

Ø 42 mm | w/ fix connection on one side

column variant inner column

Ø 42 mm | round base | w/ and w/o hinge

column variant inner column

Ø 42 mm | point base | w/o hinge

column variant inner column

Ø 42 mm | point base | w/ hinge


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