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The Tenero coat stands 3360 | 3361 | 3362 are made of silver matt anodised light metal and additionally fitted with a powder-coated steel base for high stability. Notches in the axes offer the option to hang glothes hangers whicht are self-aligning on the stand and therfore do not slide or rotate. In contrast to the coat stand 3360, the coat stands 3361, 3362 also feature an umbrella holder with drip tray. Several coat stands of model 3362 placed next to each other create a fine free-standing cloakroom facility, especially set against premium-quality wall coverings on which wall mounting is not possible.

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Tenero | with steel axes


Tenero | mit Stahlachsen


Tenero | mit Edelstahlachsen


coat stand - Tenero
  • The quadratic steel base ensures great stability and a particularly high tilt angle of the coat stands

  • The fixed screw fitting of the steel round base with the pedestal offers additional stability

  • High wall thickness of the profiles provides additional stability for the coat stand

  • Especially flat round base reduces risk of tripping and can also be colour powder-coated on request

  • Practical coat stand for clothes hangers can be installed in many locations or used wherever wall mounting is not possible

  • Notches in the cross bar prevent the clothes hangers from sliding and ensure that they are self-aligning

  • Coat stand 3362 is fitted with a particularly hard-wearing clothes hanger cross bar made of stainless steel for 8 clothes hangers


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Tenero 3360

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Tenero 3362