Iserlohner Haken - Planet


Using these wardrobe knobs walls can be structured graphically. They can be mounted in four ways – distributed or in a line. The base frame is available in grey or white and takes a back seat on light as well as on dark walls. The buttons made of massiv aluminium are copper plated or highly polished. The base is available in white or gray and it merges with the wall or forms a contrast to the wall color.
To achieve the best possible result both product designers Peter Kirchhoff and Eduard Euwens carry on an intensive dialogue. Their customers are Hüppe, Berndes und Wüsthof Dreizackwerk and others. Peter Kirchhoff initiated the project “Iserlohner Haken”.


Planet | 572000

Grün-Blau | Weiß

Planet | 572010

Alu poliert | Weiß

Planet | 572020

Bordeauxviolett-Gelborange | Weiß

Planet | 572030

Blau-Bordeauxviolett | Weiß

Planet | 572040

Verkupfert | Weiß

Planet | 572050

Gelborange-Grün | Weiß

Planet | 572100

Grün-Blau | Grau

Planet | 572110

Alu poliert | Grau

Planet | 572120

Bordeauxviolett-Gelborange | Grau

Planet | 572130

Blau-Bordeauxviolett | Grau

Planet | 572140

Verkupfert | Grau

Planet | 572150

Gelborange-Grün | Grau