crew safety - crew 112

An elegant form of storage

High safety standards are of particular importance in public spaces, which must therefore be equipped with a sufficient number of fire extinguishers and first-aid kits. Their storage, however, frequently owes more to pragmatic than design-oriented considerations. To ensure the large, bright red fire extinguishers do not disturb the overall interior aesthetics or are consigned to an inconspicuous corner with poor accessibility, rosconi has added an attractive container to its crew range: “crew 112”. The container for fire extinguishers designed by Christian Dorn is a modern and elegant form of storage which unites functionality and engineering with appealing design.


crew safety - crew 112
  • crew 112 can hold fire extinguishers weighing up to 6 kilograms

  • Worthy of special mention on both containers is the premium hinge with a closing mechanism. The flexible galvanized steel hinge ensures that the cover is never tilted and always remains flexible so that it can be opened quickly and easily when needed.

  • The finely lasered fire symbol complies with ISO 7010, BGV A8

  • Outer dimensions: 70 x 36 x 20 cm

  • Inner dimensions: 57 x 35 x 18 cm

  • crew 112 is available in numerous colours


"F" variant

available in RAL colors

crew 112

container for fire extinguishers

crew 112 F

container for fire extinguishers


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